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Dream park operation hours

Operation hours start from 10:00 AM up to 07:00 PM

Operation hours on Fridays start from 10:00 AM up to 09:00 PM

Silver ticket : 150 L . E
  • (All Free Rides Except 8 Paid Rides)
Family Ticket: 560 L . E
  • All Free Rides( (Two Adults + Two Kids Max 10 Years old))
Paid Rides
  • 40 L.E for the following rides: Super Spin -Tornado - Top Spin - Simulator - Shoot and Drop - Roller Coaster
  • 50 L.E for the following rides (Go Cart (Car Race)) - Discovery
  • Children Of 3 Years Old Or Over Must Pay a Ticket,While Children Under 3 Years Old Are Free
  • Private Meals Or Food Are Not allowed To Be Accompanied Inside Dream Park, However; They Can Enjoy Their Private Meals Or Food Inside Meramar Area or They Can Leave It In Private Cabinet.